Pictures from Babba Khan’s car

These are some pictures taken while being driven around by Babba Khan.  Myself and the girls call him when we are going to go out to an event, or for dinner.  I tend to use the compound buses as well.  However, when there is no compound bus to take me where I want to go I will call him.  As it is not safe to go out on my own, and I enjoy some independence to do things when I want, the areas I frequent most by myself are the malls and the grocery store.   It is safe and acceptable for a woman to be alone in these locations.  Having a reliable driver to hire makes life here much easier mostly because it is safer to use someone you know.  I don’t know my way around and would have no idea how to direct someone back to my house.   I was able to find a vague map of the city in one of the free ‘things to do’ magazines called Destination Jeddah.  It is actually an advertisement and has no specifics but at least I can see the area I live in compared to other areas around town.


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2 Responses to Pictures from Babba Khan’s car

  1. Wow. Love your commentary. Very interesting. It sounds like its not too much of a culture shock for you. Are there any foods you can’t buy there? What about going to a movie? Are there western (i.e. U.S.) movies? What about bars? What do you do on a Saturday night? You said Friday was the last day of the weekend – what did you mean?

    • rebecso says:

      Hi Sandra,
      You’re right there really has not been much of a culture shock. For food, there is no pork or alcohol sold here because it is a Muslim country and according to the Qur’an these items are not allowed. The weekend here is on Thursday and Friday instead of the western Saturday and Sunday. It is because the large prayer of the week is at noon on Friday and most things are closed. The weekend follows the same pattern as western countries which are based on a more Christian ideology where Sunday is the day people go to church.
      I hope to cover most of these topics in more depth over the next few weeks. There is so much to cover and I am continuously learning new things that are interesting to share.
      Take care 🙂

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