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Edge of Arabia

Saudi Arabian Art is absolutely amazing.  I went to a show called ‘The Edge of Arabia’ a week ago.  The exhibit was small but one of the most powerful I have seen.  Art is a wonderful vehicle for social and … Continue reading

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When not working…

How do I spend my time?  What is there to do?  Am I bored? These are questions many people have asked and I wondered about before I arrived.  You can never know what an experience will be like until you … Continue reading

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Pictures from the last few weeks

The sandstorm about a week ago.  I got to leave work 1 hour early.  At night it was windy and I got some sand in my eyes when I was running.   The next day there was light rain in Jeddah … Continue reading

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Saudi is a magical place

There is something about this country I am not quite sure how to describe.  It is almost as though it is a magical place, or like a secret that only few people get to experience. On the one hand Saudi … Continue reading

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