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Blogs in the KSA and women’s right to drive

Saudi is home to many blogs about various topics related to expat life in KSA. One of my favorite blogs is called Jeddah Blog.  They regularly post events and different interesting items related to Jeddah.  This blog is where I … Continue reading

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    One of the larger compounds called Sierra had a party for St. Patrick’s day.  It was a ‘P’ party.  We had to dress up as something that started with the letter P.  I was a penguin, my friends … Continue reading

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Jeddah Road Runners

      These are pictures from a 7km run that I did with Jeddah Road Runners in February.  We ran two loops around the area in the picture on the left.       Picture before the start of the race… Jeddah … Continue reading

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…More on OT: Orthopedics

Currently 50% of my caseload is male ortho.  For OTs at this facility, orthopedics involves hand therapy.  We generally don’t see people in the outpatient clinic who have had a total knee replacement or a fractured leg unless the inpatient OTs did … Continue reading

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The inside of my house

My partner recently asked to see the inside of my house.  I thought I would share it with everyone.  My house is more spacious  than the other town homes because it is a villa.  You will notice the Saudi undertones with the curtain … Continue reading

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