One of the larger compounds called Sierra had a party for St. Patrick’s day.  It was a ‘P’ party.  We had to dress up as something that started with the letter P.  I was a penguin, my friends dressed as purple turtles and won the first prize.  The ticket included entrance, drinks, and dinner.  The drinks were all from homemade alcohol.  Sid, the homemade alcohol which is common here is used as a base and then other ingredients are added for flavors.  I was impressed with how similar the liquors tasted.  They even had baileys!


Bottom left is an aerial view of Mecca with the Ka’ba in the middle.


These pictures were from a photo exhibit at the Jeddah Atelier for the Arts which is a small gallery with revolving shows.  The photographers in this exhibit were from the Effat College photography club.  The photos were taken from all over the world.


Most of the photos carried a powerful message.


The top left photo depicts a hand with the saying ‘freedom’ in Arabic breaking through news about Syria.

One of the photographers with his photograph.


Above is the Italian Cultural Club.  It is a social gathering place run by the Italian Consulate.  They hold delicious Italian dinners every few weeks.   As with the embassies, you need to pre-register to attend events and they serve alcohol.  However, there is not tight security which means we can bring our phones and take picture.

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