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Arabic numbers and greetings

 Arabic numbers are relatively easy to learn.  I focused on learning both the written and spoken numbers as soon as I arrived mostly because I think if you can’t speak the language at least you can count to 10!  I … Continue reading

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Markets and Produce Stands in Jeddah

An old colleague asked if there are markets in Jeddah… There are a few markets and also roadside produce stands.  I typically don’t buy produce at these places because westerners are charged 2-3x more than locals and it is challenging … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping

I was pleasantly surprised to find I can purchase almost the same groceries as I can find at home.  There are a handful of grocery stores to choose from which range in prices and quality.  As you can see in … Continue reading

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First Vacation: Good, Bad, then Good again

view from mount wellington in Hobart, TAS After 4 months and a week or working in the kingdom, my first vacation finally arrived.  Even more exciting, I went to Australia to visit my partner.  I started counting down the days … Continue reading

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