Spending my 31st Birthday in KSA

August 25th was my 31st birthday.  My housemate arranged for a friend to come over for dinner on Friday the 24th.  She was going to make a roast.  Just before dinner I was called to the friends house to upload a movie she had for me.  Nothing had been out of the ordinary that day and I thought nothing of it.

To my surprise, when I arrived home two of my other friends who live on the compound were hiding in the dark living room, confetti poppers in hand.  As the lights were turned on and the poppers were popped, I found a house full of balloons and happy birthday decorations.  Impressive to orchestrat in the 20 minutes I was at Drega’s house.

We sat down to a lovely 3 course meal with an amazing mars bar cheesecake for desert.  When I heard we were having the planned roast, I offered to make a pumpkin pie.  Prue had never eaten pumpkin pie and it goes perfectly with a roast.   Had a I known the cheesecake was for us, not for her work, the surprise would have been ruined.  In the end we ate the two deserts.  What a special way to spend a birthday.



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6 Responses to Spending my 31st Birthday in KSA

  1. Happy Birthday, Rebecca. Looks like you had fun.

  2. Luciana says:

    Happy Belated birthday!!! What a great way to celebrate it… I am sure this will be a memerable one. I still rembember celebrating my 27th birthday when I was working in Peru and my students surprised me with a birthday cake. All the best to you Becky! Lots of Love!!!!!!

  3. andria says:

    Happy birthday! Looks like it was a good one! All the best….

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