the Arab Fall

As many of you know, there have been protests and anti-US riots all over the Middle East and the world in reaction to the controversial film which is considered blasphemous to Islam.

I received a very concerned email from my mom.  She wanted to know if I was ok and to tell me not to take any risks.  I let her know I am just fine and that I have not noticed any anti-US protest in Jeddah.  I have also not heard of any happening anywhere in the Kingdom.  In fact, I have seen a few news releases that state Saudi Arabia condemns both the film and the violent reactions to the film.

There was an event at the marine house in the US embassy last Thursday.  We kept waiting to hear that it was canceled but it wasn’t.  I was leery about going but figured that the embassy wouldn’t hold the event if there was any risk to their security or to our safety for being on embassy grounds.  Interestingly enough we didn’t see any protests or anything when we were going into the embassy or leaving.  It was business as usual.

The US and Saudi have strong relations.  I am not surprised that there has not been any events in this country.  That being said, censorship is widely used.  There could be protests which are kept quiet and not publicized on the internet.



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