Water works in Saudi Arabia

My bathroom under repair.  It is on the second floor above the dinning room.  Turns out there was a leak in one of the pipes going to the tub.  It took them a few days to figure out where the leak was coming from.  They took apart the entire bathroom (dirt in the floor and all) and drained out the water that had accumulated in the dirt before they located the pipe with the leak.  When it was all patched up, I noticed that concrete was placed around the pipes before the holes were refilled with dirt and re-tiled.  The construction practices remain a mystery to me.

Above: Water truck.  Below: Sewage truck.

When I first arrived to the Kingdom, I heard stories of the floods.  I was told that the infrastructure was not sufficient to support the once or twice yearly heavy rainfall.  I found out a few months later that the reason the infrastructure  is not sufficient is because it is non existent!  Instead, the run-off piles up causing large puddles and occasionally flooding.

Along with no drainage system for the rain, there are also no sewers or water lines.  Each house and compound has it’s own water and septic tank.   When the water runs out at the compound, it has literally run out and takes anywhere from 1-3 hours for the trucks to arrive to refill our supply.   The water we use comes from the red sea after passing through a desalinization plant.   It is drinkable and tends to dry out your hair and skin.

Above you can see the signature blue and white truck that indicates fresh water and the green and yellow truck that is used for raw sewage.  I usually see the trucks blaring by on the road.   I think this man thought I was nuts taking a picture of the truck doing it’s business but I had to!  I was amazed to learn about the water/sewage systems here.  We are so fortunate in Canada to have the infrastructures that we do.

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