Family Trip to Italy

In October I met my dad, his partner Teri, a friend of hers, her daughter, my brother and sister in-law in Italy.  We had a lovely trip and I think Italy might be my favorite country mostly because of the stunning views, ease of traveling around, art, architecture, food, coffee, and wine!  I am sure I will back soon.

Leaving Jeddah on the airplane

El Domo, the market and Ufitzi Gallery in Florence

Italian cooking class

Our beautiful villa outside Siena and the view from the balcony

First time eating stuffed zucchini flowers.

The most scenic race start ever!

The finish

The race course.  I did the last 18 km of the full marathon course.  It was scenic and challenging.

My Dad and Teri, somehow after running for 5 and 6 hours they are still smiling!

Sometimes famous attractions are not as neat in person as you imagine… the leaning tower of Pisa was even better in real life.

Enjoying a cappuccino at a coffee bar with my dad and brother 🙂

Seafood lunch on the Mediterranean sea


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