The Rehabilitation Department


The OT team in April.  We have doubled in size since then.  However, the OT team is also transient, half the people in this picture have left or are leaving.

DSCN5264 DSCN5265

Above left: Hard at work in the OT office.  There are 7 computers crammed into a small area.  Above right: One of the 3 physio offices. The OT offices are at the end of the corridor.  When patients come in they are greeted by one of the five receptionists who is not interpreting for us at that time.  Two are male and three female, for the most part our female patients are ok with male interpreters but occasionally they request a female.  It is more comfortable if all the people in the room are female because then the women can take off their niquabs and I can take off my lab coat if the child is freaking out seeing another ‘Dr.’.

DSCN5269 DSCN5270 DSCN5271 DSCN5284

Above: Two of the five OT treatment rooms, the splinting area and team building.


The OT team.  We are full staffed in this picture which was taken two weeks ago.  There are 10 OTs, 1 OTA, and 3 OT interns.  The interns are Saudi nationals who have scholarships from the government to study occupational therapy abroad.  When most of them return, they will work as an OT for a year or two then become teachers in the soon to be developed Occupational Therapy department.  We have since lost 2 OTs, 1 to complete her Masters in Pennsylvania on a scholarship.  The other to either begin studies in the United States or find a job in Canada.  And in 2 weeks time I will also say farewell.

IMG_0884 IMG_0889 IMG_0899

Farewell gathering for one of our OTs who was with the department for 6 years.

IMG_0926 IMG_0927

Rehabilitation Day, December 10, 2012.  The entire department participated.  We had booths set up and were offering pamphlets on many different conditions as well as fun exercises/activities to increase awareness about health and disability.

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