Bubba Khan

The man standing proudly by his taxi is the sweet caring person I use as driver, Bubba Khan.  He insisted on also taking a picture of me.

Bubba Khan’s name is Mohammed Latif Khan.  He came to Saudi Arabia in 1978 from Pakinstan to work as a labourer.  He then spent 3 years working in the oil fields as a welder followed by 9 years with a different company as a welder and a crane operator.  He has been a taxi driver for the last 22 years.  He has been a driver for many of the girls in the compound over the past few years.  He still keeps in touch with most of them sending Christmas greetings and a quick message to say hello and ask about their families.  He has made our lives much easier.  We can trust him and send him to run errands for us if something can only be done during working hours (and we are at work).  When there were a lot of people who used him still in Saudi, we would try and organize our schedules around each other, sometimes dropping a couple off somewhere while the other goes and runs their errands.

During his time here he has sent enough money home to support his large family with 7 children.  He goes on vacation for 6 months every two – three years.  I will miss Bubba Khan too much when I leave however I can’t help but be happy for him as so many of the regular girls have left he is starting to think, after nearly 35 years in Saudi Arabia, it is time to go home.

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